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Plastic Bag Tux · Aug 24, 12:02 pm

Plastic Bag Tux

Here is a nice idea on how to start making free penguins without spoiling square metres of expensive silk. One can use plastic bags for starters. Many thanks for the idea go out to Roger!



Whakatau · May 28, 09:47 pm

Whakatau, the Hungarian kiwuin

Here is a colleague of the New Zealand Tux, its name is.Whakatau, the Hungarian kiwuin! It's made by Noemi! Congrats!


Late Take Off · May 2, 07:00 pm

Ok, here we go. I suspended thingamablog, for it's database crashed, which seems to be my fault. However I wanted some more convenient content management for month now. Well, here it is the all new news section realized with textpattern. In order not to break the chain to the old entries, I made them available in the left margin of this page and I'll list them below:

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One further note. You will reach old permalinks. Therefore, no need to update any entries pointing here.



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