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Monday, April 24, 2006

Manga Tux

Pink Manga Tux

The first free penguin sighted in a light blue manga environment. Unfortunately, I cannot tell the name of the maker. Still great!

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posted by Webmaster | 7:07 PM

The Magnificent Six

Six Tuxes

Straight from Temax, Yucatan ... The Magnificent Six made by Leonardo Pech. Great work!

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posted by Webmaster | 7:04 PM

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Free-Penguin-Eye Embroidery Patterns

Here is a set of embroidery patterns for free-penguin.org eyes made by Erich. They are avaliable in a variety of formats for many of the common sewing machines:

Lots of thanks for this truly professional contribution go out to Erich Campbell, Digitizing/Design. These patterns will go straight to the main page when it updates next time.

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posted by Webmaster | 10:39 PM



I call this one the LSD-Tux. Respect goes out to ...!

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posted by Webmaster | 10:20 PM

Tux en Tuxche

tux en tuxche

These two guy are made by Elisabeth Geertsema. Respect!

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posted by Webmaster | 10:16 PM

Back We Are

Sorry for the recent silence here. We had serious database trouble which resultet in a whole lot of manual reacheivement of the status quo. But now we are back.

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posted by Webmaster | 10:12 PM

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