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Friday, May 06, 2005

Page Translation

To provide a better service and to reach more potential users, it would be great to have more translations of the main page. Please consider translating it and send it to webmaster at free-penguin.org. Languages:

  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • ...
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posted by Webmaster | 2:11 PM

free-penguin mailinglist

There is a google mailing list to discuss current topics of free-penguin.org Therefore the aims of the different pages of free-penguin.org change a bit. The main pages still serve as structured download area in different languages. The news section serves as project history and announcement host. Short term and operative debate shall take place at the mailinglist, which is archived and fully searchable. So do not discuss indecent stuff there.

Subscribe Mailinglist

Browse Archives at groups-beta.google.com

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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Popperi II

Popperi the second... penguin

There is a second plush penguin in the open source plush penguin familiy: Popperi I. Emperor Penguin of Centauri. Welcome! .. and respect to Joel!

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posted by Webmaster | 1:01 PM

Beak design

Currently we do some refactoring of the Tux patterns. First drafts deal with a refined beak design. Check this file: http://www.free-penguin.org/downloads/TUX_pattern_0.5_a1.pdf

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posted by Webmaster | 8:29 AM

Activity Report

Long time gone since things changed here. Here are some actual updates.

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posted by Webmaster | 7:49 AM

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