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Sunday, September 10, 2006

First Czech Free Penguin

Brno Tux

The first free czech penguin was made by Michal Nowak in Brno for his girlfriend Nona. She'll probably take good care of him and Michal. Here's to Michal and Nona!

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posted by Webmaster | 8:00 PM

Monday, September 04, 2006

Linux in the Park 2006

ten foot tux

I've received an exciting email from Canada this weekend:

Hi free-penguinistas !
My names David Patrick, and I'm the head instigator at linuxcaffe.ca. We recently hosted the Toronto Linux Users Groups annual Linux In The Park event, and to kick it up good, I made a ten foot tux, using your pattern !
There were a couple of obvious modifications (sleeve for turbofan, exhaust holes) and a couple of subtler changes (head rounding, tummy-and-hip tucks, anchor points) but all in all, we were able to go from design to completion in under four days, thanks to your fine work.
Being a GPL adherent, we will be releasing all of our modifications, along with detailed instruction on preferred materials, how to layout/ enlarge the pattern, and assembly tips. I'm hoping you might find a spot on your site to post 'em.
for a peek at the (untrimmed) ten-foot-tux, check out Flikr. http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/ten-foot-tux

We will find a spot to post them indeed! Respect!

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posted by Webmaster | 9:44 PM

Second Hungarian Free Penguin

magyar tux

Sala made a free penguin and put hungarian instructions online. Thank You!

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posted by Webmaster | 9:37 PM

New Joel Tuxes


There are some altered tuxes by early adopter Joel! He is working on a set detailed instructions as you read. We look forward to have them online.

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posted by Webmaster | 9:33 PM

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